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For further  information on our Up and Coming German Shepherd National
to be held in  2012.

Details to finalised soon......

               Looking for a GSD Puppy - check out the breeders pages  for a new listing of puppies available

Want to know where we are?
110 A Reynolds Street Taita Lower Hutt
Down the same Driveway as Taita Bowling Club

Club Membership
 Single $25.00, Family $30.00

Complete the form in the back of the magazine or download a copy here
Once completed send or take it along with payment to the club

Greater Wellington Regional Council Possum Poisoning Operations

The club receives letters from the GWRC to advise of 1080 poisoning operations in the area from time to time.  Please check the club rooms for these letters.  

Do not rely on treatment. Prevention is the only sure way of protecting dogs from poisoning. Local veterinary clinics will have been informed of all GWRC 1080 operations.

Looking for an Older GSD?

If you are interested in getting a German Shepherd Dog but maybe not a puppy - how about re-homing and older dog.  The club is often appraoched to help find new homes for dogs and bitches, and are always keen to hear from people that may be interested in taking in such a dog.

We currently have a number on the books and are really keen to find them new homes.   Some of these dogs may be dogs rescued from being mistreated, to others that due to changing circumstances of their owners, just loving pets that need a new home.

The club also supports the work of volunteers who take in rescued dogs.  If you are interested in supporting these people the club is always happy to distribute dog food donated at the club to help feed the rescued dogs.

If you can help re-home a GSD, or even interested in donating some dog food please either E-mail us or canned and dried food can be left at the club rooms on Sunday morning.   

We are really keen to hear from anyone out there  that can help.

 Auckland GSD Rescue

Denise runs  GSD Rescue Group with a small, dedicated crew of volunteers.  Read the story of her beloved first GSD Yani and you will understand what drives this remarkable lady to save and rehome GSD's who represent to her a courageous, loyal and magnificent breed.  

If you can assist through either rehoming, providing a foster home in the interim or donation of food, collars, leads, bedding, transport offers please email Denise.  All offers of help would be greatly appreciated.

 ROAD CODE - Driver responsibility

On a serious note, if you hit a dog on the road for whatever reason......did you realise that under the Road Code Rules that you are obligated to STOP and attend to the animal, find the owner and if that is not successful, notify the SPCA / Police WITHIN 48 hours??

Do you know what to do if you hit a dog?  I'm sure there are vets / vet nurses out there who could offer an article on this.......if you can help with an article on first aid for dogs hit by automobiles, please do so & we'll put it up here for our club members.

Are there any club members out there who would love to see their GSD on the net???  If so, please E-MAIL me with your pics!!


Drop the pics and info into the club rooms on Sunday.