Looking for a German Shepherd Puppy ?

Check out those GSD Breeders that support the WDGSDC website and have their homepages or links with this site.  

Konigreich Kennels

Thundereich Kennels

Der Ingolsta Kennels

Links to Breeders who have there own websites can be found below :-


If you are a Club Member and a GSD Breeder, and would like to get yourself seen on the Net then this will be your area.

We would like to get some feedback regarding our following plans before we commence, so please have a read and E-mail us with any ideas or suggestions.

What is Planned

A Breeders Page - This will be your Kennel name page which will be linked from the main Breeders Page on this site.  Your Kennel page can have up to four pictures, and the information you wish published.  

A Stud Dog Page - This will be linked from the main Breeders page and from your Kennel Name page.  Two pictures and the information you want published.  

A Puppies Page - This page will initially be linked to the Breeders Pages above for those Breeders who have puppies available for sale.

Links - If you already have a web site, we can set up a link from our Breeders Page to your Website

How it works

Breeders wishing to have a dedicated page or a link will need to  E-mail us with all the information they want published.

We will set up the page or pages they require, and set up the links from the Breeders Page.  Once this is done there will be a one month trial period - for fine tuning etc., after which the breeder will be invoiced for the annual fee.


The Website is aiming to be self funding and also assist in raising funds for the club.  All the fees charged will go directly to the WDGSDC.  The initial fee structure proposed for club members is as follows:

Breeders Page - $55 per annum  (includes a listing in the club magazine)

Stud Dog Page - $40 per annum or an extra $10 per annum if with a Breeders Page (includes a listing in the club magazine)

Puppy Listings - These will be changes made to the Website when breeders have puppies available.  Charges for this will be as per the Changes prices listed below.

Links - There will be a $15.00 annual fee for breeders wishing to have a link established from our Breeders Page to their own Homepage.

Changes - Once the web page is established and running up to 6 changes a year will be permitted free of charge.  Once these 6 changes have been used, each additional change will cost $5.00.  Changes can include having pictures updated, puppy pics and info added (note - any puppy pics are included in the max of 4 pictures per breeders site)

Disclaimer - This web site is run on a volunteer basis and therefore although every effort is made to ensure updates etc. will be done in a timely manner, we cannot guarantee any response times for getting information published.  Everything will be done with the best intentions and the best endeavors of the web masters.  All fees raised will go directly to the WDGSDC.