Listed below are links to other interesting sites!    

Check out :

Some links of interest sent in from Lars and Monica Hagman - Sweden
Foto Urma - Yearbook for Siegerschauen in Sweden, Norway and Finland

Petfriendly Accomodation in NZ - Seems to be start of an interesting site
Petworkz - Pet supplies, ranging from food, toys, and treats to accessories
Odarid NZ - Products to neutralise cat and dog pee odours
German Hq - For all things German - very cool site with lots of interesting links
Pets for Love -  a charitable trust that arranges pet visits to the elderly and others
Flying Dog Press - For dog lovers and trainers
Animal Herbs & Homoeopathics - Herbal & homoepathic solutions for various animal ailments.

LINKS:  If a link is not working, email me so that I can investigate why it isn't working!