Obedience and Socialisation:


Where:  WDGSDC, Taita Club Rooms,
Time: Sunday  10:00am - 11.30am

Obedience training courses are held at the Club Grounds which are located at:

     Taita Bowling Club Entrance
     110a Reynolds Street

These classes are held every Sunday morning, rain or shine starting at 10am.  Please arrive early so that you can get your dog settled before starting your class!  Classes include socialisation for all dogs as well as basic obedience for puppies and adult dogs.  

The eight week course provides owners with a greater level of understanding and control over their dog, and is lots of fun for both owner and dog.  Sometimes, we ask too much from our dogs when they are so young so remember that your dog or bitch may still only be a puppy and may not be able to fully complete all the tasks that you set for it.  The German Shepherd tends to be fully mature at around three years of age.

Training for older dogs is aimed at building on basic obedience skills to such a level as to have a well behaved pet, or to allow the owner and dog to advance and compete in dog obedience trials if they wish to.

As with all training, there is we need you to put into practice what we try to teach here as it doesn't happen overnight!  All we ask is that you practice what has been taught by your instructor on the Sunday mornings, for about five minutes each day.  This can be done before feeding, while watching TV (sit/down - stay), walking down the hallway and then running backwards to do a recall, heelwork down the hallway if only for a brief 3 seconds!  Don't forget the praise, praise, praise!!!!  Let them know that they are doing something right!!  

We'll also try our best to help you out with any problems or concerns you may have with your loved GSD.

Puppy Socialisation Course - Free with Membership